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Fort Myers Air Conditioner Problems?


Often, in the course of repairing and maintaining air conditioners in Fort Myers, we encounter situations and scenario’s that need to be brought to the home owners attention.  Many times the air conditioner equipment we are servicing is on a roof top, or in an attic, or the home owner is unable to get to the equipment easily.  In order to be able to fully explain the precise nature of the problem, and the options available to fix it, it has been our policy to photograph these components, or the problems affecting them with our digital cameras, and use those images to explain the situation.  As a result we are often able to share these photo’s here and give interested parties an inside view the day to day challenges we face, and a greater understanding of the myriad of potential problems a typical a/c system may face.




Community Cooling’s focus has always been to provide top quality service and repairs, at a reasonable price, and earn their customers trust and respect … to become a valued resource of such integrity that the customer would not consider allowing another contractor, to work on their equipment. Over the years this has proven to be a philosophy that bears much fruit, as over 90% of our clients report they are thoroughly satisfied with our services, our results, and our prices!

Expert repairs combined with a genuine commitment to customer service!

Big companies, with dozens of trucks on the road, have a high overhead and are forced to always push their customers in the direction of replacing their a/c equipment … that is what is most profitable for THEM!
Whether faced with a common or uncommon air conditioner problems Community Cooling is at your service to make that problem go away and restore comfort to your home.  With over 43 years experience under our belts there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done in the HVAC industry. We are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the whole year through. Just give us a call …
Community Cooling prides itself non inspecting your equipment, presenting you (the homeowner) with the options, and costs associated with those options, and letting you decide which option best suits your needs and budget at that time.  The choice is yours.

Air conditioner service and repair Fort Myers


Community Cooling and Heating provides the service you need to keep your a/c equipment

cooling your home efficiently, and cost effectively!

For a thorough cleaning and inspection of your air conditioning equipment call today!

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