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Is your air conditioner ready for summer?

Our air conditioners face their toughest challenge during the long hot days of summer.  If there is a time of year when your a/c equipment needs a little TLC the most … this is it!  Battling high summer temperatures, oftentimes 16 hours a day, places a heavy workload on your equipment.  A thorough inspection and servicing is the best way to keep your air conditioner operating at optimum levels cost effectively, and your best opportunity to catch a relatively small problem before it can become an expensive one!

Air conditioner maintenance is crucial to getting the most cooling

for the least amount of money!

Community Cooling and Heating has been servicing Ft Myers air conditioners for over 40 years and has built it’s reputation on honesty, dependability, and putting their clients needs first!  Our 16 point inspection and servicing will enable your air conditioner to provide adequate levels of comfort through the remainder of the summer, Keep repair costs down, and alert us to hazardous conditions such as burned or damaged wires, corrosion, leaking Freon, or vegetative growth within the equipment itself.

Air Conditioning Service Ft Myers

Kurt Hartmann, President of Community Cooling and Heating Inc.

16 Point Air Conditioning Service & Inspection

Clean your condenser coils.
Check operating pressures
Check electrical connections
Check sub-cooling
Check fan blade
Lubricate moving parts
Clean air filters
check thermostat
Check blower operation
Check controls
Check superheat
Check temperature drop across evaporator
Clean indoor coil if visible
Check complete unit operation
Treat condensate line and pan
Make necessary recommendations







Residential Only


$75.  For Split Systems

$60. For Package units


offer good through August 2013



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Fort Myers air conditioner maintenance and repair service since 1970.






Hurricane Season | 7 Tips To Protect Your Air Conditioner

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Is your air conditioner “Hurricane Ready?”

Hurricane season is once again upon us.  In the midst of making preparations for an approaching storm there is much to be done and many bases to cover.  Prescription medicines, water, food, pets, and family members are all at the top of the list as they should be, but, some thought should be given to your family’s air conditioning equipment as well. By recognizing the dangers and following a few simple rules one can greatly reduce the risk of damage to costly equipment and avoid unnecessary repairs.
Air Conditioning Service And Repair In Ft Myers Florida

Community Cooling recommends a/c maintenance service as summer approaches … a good time to have a look at your a/c’s hurricane readiness as well!

1. Make certain before the storm hits that your a/c unit is secured to the base it sits on. Your unit should

be strapped or bolted down to prevent it being blown around and damaged.

2. If already secured, make sure the bolts or straps are tight and rust free.

3. Make certain the area around your air conditioner is free of any and all objects that could

become airborne and damage your equipment.

4. Turn you A/C off at the thermostat AND at the breaker box. Should major damage occur to your

unit a live electrical circuit could cause injury or fire!

5. In the event of flooding be certain your air conditioner is COMPLETELY dry before reconnecting

power and starting your equipment! After flooding or even temporary immersion in water it is

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to have your unit thoroughly checked by a

licensed air conditioning contractor to ascertain the equipment is safe to operate!

6. After the storm thoroughly inspect your a/c unit for any signs of damage from flying debris.

7. If your unit has come in contact with salt water it needs to be thoroughly cleaned by an experienced

a/c technician to prevent corrosion from damaging or destroying your equipment.


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Air Conditioning Repairs In Ft Myers

Most major air conditioner repairs are a result of neglect!

Air conditioning repairs in Ft Myers, Florida all too often are made necessary by neglect.  Often times, if found early enough, the repair could have been much simpler, needed fewer parts, and ultimately cost the homeowner less!  The best defense against high repair bilss for your air conditioner is to have your a/c equipment checked and serviced regularly by a licensed Fort Myers air conditioning repair contractor.

Regular servicing of your air conditioner prevents

minor problems from becoming big ones

A licensed air conditioning contractor helps you get the most value from your a/c equipment.
Regular servicing by a licensed air conditioning contractor is the best way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and cost effectively.


The slide show below illustrates a number of common problems needing repair that we have encountered in SW Florida recently.  Not only would prompt attention to these problems early on have diminished the expense of having the repairs made, but, would have in some cases provided the home owner with a greater degree of climate control with out unnecessarily running their electric bill higher than need be.

We are a family owned and operated business and stake our reputation on the relationships we build with our customers.  We intend from the very start that you will be so happy with the job we do that you will be compelled to recommend us to your friends in the future.  From the time we first opened our doors in 1970 right up to today … that has always been our business model.
Big companies, with dozens of trucks on the road, have a high overhead and are forced to always push their customers in the direction of replacing their a/c equipment … that is what is most profitable for THEM!
Community Cooling prides itself non inspecting your equipment, presenting you (the homeowner) with the options, and costs associated with those options, and letting you decide which option best suits your needs and budget at that time.  The choice is yours.

Community Cooling and Heating provides the service you need to keep your a/c equipment

cooling your home efficiently, and cost effectively!

For a thorough cleaning and inspection of your air conditioning equipment call today!

Community Cooling and Heating Inc.
Serving Ft Myers Homeowners for over 40 years!

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

Community Cooling and Heating … serving Lee County Florida for over 40 years!

Air Conditioner Service & Repair In Fort Myers

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SW Florida


Honesty and dependability are the cornerstones of our business model!

Community Cooling is an established, long term (over 40 years), dependable air conditioning contractor in Lee County Florida.  Over the past few years, with the ability to take videos and pictures from our phones and small, pocket-sized camera’s, have accumulated some nice video’s and pictures.  Often times the best part of a picture is the story behind it, and in future posts we hope to share some of those stories here, however for the time being, I thought it might be nice to share a few of the video’s and pics we have made, or had made.  Let us know what you think!

South Fort Myers air conditioner install.
Community Cooling crew on an air conditioner install at a park model home in south Fort Myers.

Here are a few of our technicians out on a service call/install for a heating and air conditioning problem in south Ft Myers.

The owner of Community Cooling “Kurt Hartmann” speaks about his company.

“After 40 plus years servicing Fort Myers air conditioners … there isn’t much we haven’t seen …”

Community cooling services all makes and brands of air conditioners.
Fort Myers air conditioner trouble? Call Community Cooling.

Far too often home and business owners wait until their air conditioner breaks down before they call for service.  Unfortunately it is fairly common that when one of the components breaks down it starts a domino effect that can cause other parts in the system to be destroyed, damaged, or have their life expectancy to be diminished.  The earlier a potential problem is solved the better the chances of avoiding unnecessarily high repair bills!


ac coils stolen in south fort myers

A far too common problem in SW Florida over the past several years … a stolen coil from an a/c unit.  It appears stolen or damaged air conditioners are on the downswing however … recent changes in Florida law make it far more difficult for criminals to get rid of the materials they take from the units.

Fort Myers most trusted air conditioning contractor.
Kurt Hartmann, owner of Community Cooling and Heating Inc. “We’ve built our reputation on honesty … and putting the customers needs first.”

Fort Myers air conditioner maintenance and repair service since 1970.





Air Conditioning Ft Myers | Chilled Water Applied Systems

Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Ft Myers

Community Cooling and Heating Inc.


“Chillers” or chilled water systems handle air conditioning needs in large areas

Air conditioning systems in large buildings, such as shopping malls or hospitals,  have a big job to do … they have to circulate over a million pounds of air an hour to draw out enough heat to keep such a large space cool and comfortable.  Typical air conditioning is ill suited for the job, and the operating cost would be prohibitive.  As a result chillers, or “chilled water applied system”, have become the most common and practical way to cool large areas.

Most times the general public isn’t allowed in the area’s where these systems operate.  While most of us are quite familiar with residential air conditioning equipment, I would wager that very few of us have had an opportunity to examine these large industrial air conditioners very closely.  I recently had an opportunity to take a close look at one of these systems and made a short video to share here.

The public rarely gets to see the equipment room of a commercial chilled water system

A chilled-water applied system uses chilled water to transport heat energy between the air side, chillers and the outdoors. These systems are more commonly found in large HVAC installations, given their efficiency advantages.

The components of the chiller (evaporator, compressor, an air- or water-cooled condenser, and expansion device) are often manufactured, assembled, and tested as a complete package within the factory. These packaged systems can reduce field labor, speed installation and improve reliability.

Community Cooling and Heating provides the service you need to keep your a/c equipment

cooling your home efficiently, and cost effectively!

For a thorough cleaning and inspection of your air conditioning equipment call today!

Community Cooling and Heating Inc.
Serving Ft Myers Homeowners for over 40 years!

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

Community Cooling and Heating … serving Lee County Florida for over 40 years!

5 Great Reasons To Have Your Air Conditioner & Heat Checked NOW!

This time of year in Fort Myers it is entirely possible that you will require your air conditioner to cool your home during the day, and heat your home throughout the night.  Over the course of the summer we have all become somewhat acclimated to the hot summer weather!  Now that the evenings are turning cooler it may take some time to get used to the colder temperatures.  And if a genuine “cold snap” hits we may be in for a long week or so of  near freezing temperatures!

Not A Good Time To Discover You Have A Heating Problem!!!

When cold weather hits SW Florida that is exactly what happens to many families and households!  The night the first REALLY cold weather hits a typical air conditioning contractor may get 20 – 30 phone calls from customers with heating trouble!  All too often that creates a backlog in scheduling and some clients may have to wait a day or so NO MATTER WHO THEY CALL!

The best way to avoid this scenario is to be proactive now and get your a/c and heater inspected NOW to insure proper operation when you need it most!  Your air conditioner worked long and hard over the summer keeping your home comfortable … and really should be inspected now (or at least before Spring) to ensure …

Safe operation

Optimal comfort levels

Minimal wear to equipment

Energy efficient electrical usage

Just as a clean freshly serviced a/c is important to your comfort during the summer … it is equally important this time of year!

Certain types of heating problems have the potential to double your cost, without providing sufficient warmth!

A dirty evaporator, condenser, or blower can increase the cost of heating your home by up to 50%

Just 100th of an inch of dirt or vegetative growth on an evaporator coil will decrease it’s energy efficiency by 5%

air conditioning coil cleaning


Air conditoning coils after service

Loose panels, caused by vibration, can seriously impact your air conditioning equipment’s energy efficiency

A defective, improperly calibrated, or incorrectly set thermostat will affect your equipment’s effectiveness & cost to run

Ft Myers AC service Kurt Hartmann

Community Cooling & Heating

The Future Of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service Ft Myers

The air conditioning industry is in a perpetual state of refinement.  In the past the challenge has been to provide equipment that lasts longer or cools more effectively.  More recently the focus has been on producing units that provide adequate cooling, have less environmental impact, and are more energy efficient.  We have seen a large degree of success in the development of a/c equipment that does just that!  Recent advancements in technology have provided us with …

Inverter Technology Air Conditioners

Scroll Compressors

Rotary Compressors

High Tech Thermostats

Effective “environment friendly” coolants

… and these innovations have gone a long way to improving the overall efficiency of air conditioning systems in todays world, but …


Fort Myers air conditioning service new ac

Teams of researchers at both Harvard University and the University of Pittsburgh are working diligently, and making remarkable progress, on creating an entirely new type of building materials designed to enable buildings to help regulate their temperatures in a manner completely removed from air conditioning as we currently understand it!

The researchers have found a way to create materials that regulate themselves on a number of factors such as temperature, ph, and light pressure in much the same way living organisms do.  This has the potential to create buildings that can independently regulate their own temperature, and if not eliminate the need for air conditioning, perhaps greatly reduce the amount of work the equipment needs to do to keep the desired level of comfort!  One prototype already in testing is a water based “hydro gel”  that can very nearly regulate itself to maintain a constant temperature.  With these new advances, and more to follow, it appears we are on the cusp of a new era in heating, cooling, and refrigeration!