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“Wiring/electrical problems are among the most

common problems air conditioners face”

As a Ft Myers air conditioning contractor one of the most common problems I encounter on repair calls is a burned wire.  Air conditioners in SW Florida work in fairly extreme conditions.  Not only are a/c units sitting outside, exposed to sub-tropical heat and humidity, but also generate significant amounts of heat on their own.  This one two punch of internal and external heat sources is hard on all parts of ones HVAC equipment, and especially hard on the housing that insulates the wiring inside your equipment.

From Electrical Air Conditioner Problems – Ft Myers


By the time a wire is visibly damaged it has already been something of a detriment to your air conditioning equipment for some time.  Even a microscopic crack in the housing can cause arcing, minimal performance, and unnecessary strain on the various component parts that work independently, and in conjunction with each other, to provide a level of comfort that is satisfactory.  Any variance in the voltage has the potential to throw the balance “out of whack”, causing the equipment to work harder to achieve the desired result, which often translates into higher utility bills, and equipment that doesn’t last as long as it should.



From Electrical Air Conditioner Problems – Ft Myers

“… damaged or improperly wired air conditioning units will cost more to operate, and deteriorate faster than properly maintained and serviced units will …”



Another common problem that arises in today’s air conditioners is an extremely simple one … many customers don’t realize their thermostat now runs on batteries instead of being wired directly to the homes electrical panel.  We have gotten in the habit of asking our clients that call to check the batteries in their thermostat BEFORE we send a truck out on a service call.  Too many times have we arrived on the scene only to discover all the client needed to fix the problem was two batteries they already had, sitting in their kitchen drawer!

From Electrical Air Conditioner Problems – Ft Myers

“… the good news about electrical problems is that they are, generally speaking, among the easiest and least expensive to repair.”

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