Hurricane Season | 7 Tips To Protect Your Air Conditioner

Community Cooling and Heating Inc.

Fort Myers, Fl.


Is your air conditioner “Hurricane Ready?”

Hurricane season is once again upon us.  In the midst of making preparations for an approaching storm there is much to be done and many bases to cover.  Prescription medicines, water, food, pets, and family members are all at the top of the list as they should be, but, some thought should be given to your family’s air conditioning equipment as well. By recognizing the dangers and following a few simple rules one can greatly reduce the risk of damage to costly equipment and avoid unnecessary repairs.
Air Conditioning Service And Repair In Ft Myers Florida

Community Cooling recommends a/c maintenance service as summer approaches … a good time to have a look at your a/c’s hurricane readiness as well!

1. Make certain before the storm hits that your a/c unit is secured to the base it sits on. Your unit should

be strapped or bolted down to prevent it being blown around and damaged.

2. If already secured, make sure the bolts or straps are tight and rust free.

3. Make certain the area around your air conditioner is free of any and all objects that could

become airborne and damage your equipment.

4. Turn you A/C off at the thermostat AND at the breaker box. Should major damage occur to your

unit a live electrical circuit could cause injury or fire!

5. In the event of flooding be certain your air conditioner is COMPLETELY dry before reconnecting

power and starting your equipment! After flooding or even temporary immersion in water it is

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to have your unit thoroughly checked by a

licensed air conditioning contractor to ascertain the equipment is safe to operate!

6. After the storm thoroughly inspect your a/c unit for any signs of damage from flying debris.

7. If your unit has come in contact with salt water it needs to be thoroughly cleaned by an experienced

a/c technician to prevent corrosion from damaging or destroying your equipment.


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