Air Conditioning Repairs In Ft Myers

Most major air conditioner repairs are a result of neglect!

Air conditioning repairs in Ft Myers, Florida all too often are made necessary by neglect.  Often times, if found early enough, the repair could have been much simpler, needed fewer parts, and ultimately cost the homeowner less!  The best defense against high repair bilss for your air conditioner is to have your a/c equipment checked and serviced regularly by a licensed Fort Myers air conditioning repair contractor.

Regular servicing of your air conditioner prevents

minor problems from becoming big ones

A licensed air conditioning contractor helps you get the most value from your a/c equipment.
Regular servicing by a licensed air conditioning contractor is the best way to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and cost effectively.


The slide show below illustrates a number of common problems needing repair that we have encountered in SW Florida recently.  Not only would prompt attention to these problems early on have diminished the expense of having the repairs made, but, would have in some cases provided the home owner with a greater degree of climate control with out unnecessarily running their electric bill higher than need be.

We are a family owned and operated business and stake our reputation on the relationships we build with our customers.  We intend from the very start that you will be so happy with the job we do that you will be compelled to recommend us to your friends in the future.  From the time we first opened our doors in 1970 right up to today … that has always been our business model.
Big companies, with dozens of trucks on the road, have a high overhead and are forced to always push their customers in the direction of replacing their a/c equipment … that is what is most profitable for THEM!
Community Cooling prides itself non inspecting your equipment, presenting you (the homeowner) with the options, and costs associated with those options, and letting you decide which option best suits your needs and budget at that time.  The choice is yours.

Community Cooling and Heating provides the service you need to keep your a/c equipment

cooling your home efficiently, and cost effectively!

For a thorough cleaning and inspection of your air conditioning equipment call today!

Community Cooling and Heating Inc.
Serving Ft Myers Homeowners for over 40 years!

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

Community Cooling and Heating … serving Lee County Florida for over 40 years!


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