Air Conditioner Service & Repair In Fort Myers

Community Cooling & Heating Inc.

Ft Myers, Estero, Cape Coral,

SW Florida


Honesty and dependability are the cornerstones of our business model!

Community Cooling is an established, long term (over 40 years), dependable air conditioning contractor in Lee County Florida.  Over the past few years, with the ability to take videos and pictures from our phones and small, pocket-sized camera’s, have accumulated some nice video’s and pictures.  Often times the best part of a picture is the story behind it, and in future posts we hope to share some of those stories here, however for the time being, I thought it might be nice to share a few of the video’s and pics we have made, or had made.  Let us know what you think!

South Fort Myers air conditioner install.
Community Cooling crew on an air conditioner install at a park model home in south Fort Myers.

Here are a few of our technicians out on a service call/install for a heating and air conditioning problem in south Ft Myers.

The owner of Community Cooling “Kurt Hartmann” speaks about his company.

“After 40 plus years servicing Fort Myers air conditioners … there isn’t much we haven’t seen …”

Community cooling services all makes and brands of air conditioners.
Fort Myers air conditioner trouble? Call Community Cooling.

Far too often home and business owners wait until their air conditioner breaks down before they call for service.  Unfortunately it is fairly common that when one of the components breaks down it starts a domino effect that can cause other parts in the system to be destroyed, damaged, or have their life expectancy to be diminished.  The earlier a potential problem is solved the better the chances of avoiding unnecessarily high repair bills!


ac coils stolen in south fort myers

A far too common problem in SW Florida over the past several years … a stolen coil from an a/c unit.  It appears stolen or damaged air conditioners are on the downswing however … recent changes in Florida law make it far more difficult for criminals to get rid of the materials they take from the units.

Fort Myers most trusted air conditioning contractor.
Kurt Hartmann, owner of Community Cooling and Heating Inc. “We’ve built our reputation on honesty … and putting the customers needs first.”

Fort Myers air conditioner maintenance and repair service since 1970.






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