5 Great Reasons To Have Your Air Conditioner & Heat Checked NOW!

This time of year in Fort Myers it is entirely possible that you will require your air conditioner to cool your home during the day, and heat your home throughout the night.  Over the course of the summer we have all become somewhat acclimated to the hot summer weather!  Now that the evenings are turning cooler it may take some time to get used to the colder temperatures.  And if a genuine “cold snap” hits we may be in for a long week or so of  near freezing temperatures!

Not A Good Time To Discover You Have A Heating Problem!!!

When cold weather hits SW Florida that is exactly what happens to many families and households!  The night the first REALLY cold weather hits a typical air conditioning contractor may get 20 – 30 phone calls from customers with heating trouble!  All too often that creates a backlog in scheduling and some clients may have to wait a day or so NO MATTER WHO THEY CALL!

The best way to avoid this scenario is to be proactive now and get your a/c and heater inspected NOW to insure proper operation when you need it most!  Your air conditioner worked long and hard over the summer keeping your home comfortable … and really should be inspected now (or at least before Spring) to ensure …

Safe operation

Optimal comfort levels

Minimal wear to equipment

Energy efficient electrical usage

Just as a clean freshly serviced a/c is important to your comfort during the summer … it is equally important this time of year!

Certain types of heating problems have the potential to double your cost, without providing sufficient warmth!

A dirty evaporator, condenser, or blower can increase the cost of heating your home by up to 50%

Just 100th of an inch of dirt or vegetative growth on an evaporator coil will decrease it’s energy efficiency by 5%

air conditioning coil cleaning


Air conditoning coils after service

Loose panels, caused by vibration, can seriously impact your air conditioning equipment’s energy efficiency

A defective, improperly calibrated, or incorrectly set thermostat will affect your equipment’s effectiveness & cost to run

Ft Myers AC service Kurt Hartmann

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