The Future Of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Service Ft Myers

The air conditioning industry is in a perpetual state of refinement.  In the past the challenge has been to provide equipment that lasts longer or cools more effectively.  More recently the focus has been on producing units that provide adequate cooling, have less environmental impact, and are more energy efficient.  We have seen a large degree of success in the development of a/c equipment that does just that!  Recent advancements in technology have provided us with …

Inverter Technology Air Conditioners

Scroll Compressors

Rotary Compressors

High Tech Thermostats

Effective “environment friendly” coolants

… and these innovations have gone a long way to improving the overall efficiency of air conditioning systems in todays world, but …


Fort Myers air conditioning service new ac

Teams of researchers at both Harvard University and the University of Pittsburgh are working diligently, and making remarkable progress, on creating an entirely new type of building materials designed to enable buildings to help regulate their temperatures in a manner completely removed from air conditioning as we currently understand it!

The researchers have found a way to create materials that regulate themselves on a number of factors such as temperature, ph, and light pressure in much the same way living organisms do.  This has the potential to create buildings that can independently regulate their own temperature, and if not eliminate the need for air conditioning, perhaps greatly reduce the amount of work the equipment needs to do to keep the desired level of comfort!  One prototype already in testing is a water based “hydro gel”  that can very nearly regulate itself to maintain a constant temperature.  With these new advances, and more to follow, it appears we are on the cusp of a new era in heating, cooling, and refrigeration!


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