Ft Myers Air conditioning Trouble

Proper air conditioner maintenance and repair not only saves money … it eliminates a host of potential threats to your home & family!

Air Conditioning Service & Repair in Ft Myers

An air conditioner is a series of individual component parts that work together to remove warm moist air from your home or business and replace it with cool, and relatively dry air.  Generally speaking if even one of these “component parts” breaks down you will experience a problem with your AC unit’s performance … or it may stop running all together. The best way to prevent this from happening is to schedule a yearly check up of your equipment by a licensed air conditioning contractor.  Far too often home and business owners wait until their air conditioner breaks down before they call for service.  Unfortunately it is fairly common that when one of the components breaks down it starts a domino effect that can cause other parts in the system to be destroyed, damaged, or have their life expectancy to be diminished.  The earlier a potential problem is solved the better the chances of avoiding unnecessarily high repair bills!

The slideshow below shows damaged and worn component parts from air conditioners that were, at the time of discovery, working perfectly well.  The homeowners would never have guessed that they were placing themselves in the path of fire, flood, or damage to the interior of their home.  All of the pictures in the presentation were taken right here in SW Florida within the past year.

Call Community Cooling & Heating to schedule an A/C inspection and servicing TODAY!

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