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We had this video made for us last fall thinking it might be fun to post when the weather turned cold.  The temperatures never really dropped much however, in fact it was one of the warmest winters on record, not just in Ft Myers, Florida, but all around the nation!  If the winter just past is any indication we are probably looking at an unusually warm summer as well!  Make sure your a/c unit is prepared for the onslaught of summer heat coming our way!  A freshly serviced air conditioner will remove moisture, cool your home better, and cost you less money to do so!  Additionally regular servicing is a major factor in getting a long lifetime out of your a/c unit and its component parts.


Community Cooling is committed to giving the very best in customer service at a fair price!  We also offer free second opinions if you feel, for any reason, you need one!  Feel free to call for information on our products, services, or with any general air conditioning related questions you may have.  We are happy to help!


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Summer or winter Community Cooling & Heating keeps YOUR home at optimum comfort levels!
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