Ft Myers Air Conditioning Service Call

 It’s a given that air conditioner’s in Fort Myers need regular service to maintain optimum performance. A thorough servicing ensures maximum air flow, and the highest degree of comfort, your equipment is capable of producing … without adding unnecessarily to your electric bill.  In SW Florida a/c is a necessity not a luxury … best to keep things running as efficiently as possible!

Another big plus to having your air conditioner inspected and serviced regularly is to catch small problems before they have time and opportunity to become big problems!  Often times the signs of trouble aren’t visible without taking your equipment apart.  In many cases a problem caught early on is simply repaired, with minimal expense for parts.  However, left unchecked small problems tend to grow larger.

Community Cooling & Heating


Air Conditioning Service Ft Myers

Serving Fort Myers air conditioning and heating needs for over 40 years!





We are completely licensed, insured, certified and fully trained to work on all the latest technologically advanced, high efficiency equipment of all makes. Community Cooling and Heating is a full service company including: Duct repairs & replacement, ultra violet light air purification, regular maintenance “Value Plans”, equipment evaluation reports and of course total system replacements.




Our service technicians are all certified experienced and field tested. Their training goes beyond simply knowing how to do the work in an expertly fashion. We fully train our staff to respect our clients and their homes. We believe our technicians should be personable, clean, neat and leave behind only a pleasant memory of efficiency and of course a comfortable environment.  Air conditioners in Ft Myers, or any part of Florida require regular servicing to continue to cool and heat your home as effectively as possible, and keep your electric bills low. Your air conditioner uses more electricity, and accounts for a larger percentage of your electric bill, than anything else in your house. How well it will perform (and last) is largely dependent on how well it is maintained!


This homeowner squeezed every last nickel out of this air conditioner through regular maintenance.

Protect yourself with our Free 2nd Opinion

Other companies may indicate that they will provide a service call at some discounted rate or even just ‘gas money’, but any company willing to do that are ‘sales oriented’ and almost always find ways to make up for any free-be’s they may offer. Cheap work is not good and good work is not cheap. Our company motto is “We won’t send a wolf in sheep’s clothing, just an honest professional”.

We are proud to offer anyone a long list of satisfied clients, many of whom we have been servicing for decades.

Community Cooling takes great pride in showing up on time, accurately assessing your air conditioning problem, and providing the consumer with the full range of options available to him … and then letting the customer decide which option makes the most sense to him personally, and fits his family’s budget as well!

Our Motto is…“We won’t send you a wolf in sheep’s clothing …

just an honest professional”

We guarantee all our repairs and offer a Free Second Opinion

air conditioning service, repair, and installation by Kurt Hartmann

Kurt Hartmann, Owner of Community Cooling and Heating

Call Today For Air Conditioner Service, Repair, Maintenance, and Installation


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