Ft Myers Air Conditioning Service | Don’t Ignore This Sure Sign Of Trouble

An air conditioner discharging water in uncommon amounts OR in unusual places needs immediate attention!

Air Conditioning service & repair in Ft Myers, Florida


Do yourself a favor and take a look at your outside a/c unit! If your emergency drain pan is constantly putting out moisture to the point of mildew building up and thriving where it discharges there is a good chance your air conditioner needs the services of an air conditioning contractor . Without proper, immediate attention there is a good chance your emergency drain pan can either rust out and leak or become stopped up and overflow resulting in drywall, framing, and/or painting repairs! And the problem’s don’t stop there … if you happen to be away from home when the problem begins furniture, carpeting, clothes, and electronics can be damaged or ruined as well! The water in your a/c’s drain pan is dirty at best, in the worst case scenario …

It Can Be TOXIC!

sludge in air conditioner drain pan.
Sludge in a Fort Myers air conditioners emergency drain pan.

Any build up of fluid in the drain pan … AT ALL

… is a disaster waiting to happen!!!

Nobody wants this kind of muck leaking into their home! It will ruin anything it touches and is without a doubt potentially toxic.  When an emergency drain pan starts to fill up like this on a regular basis it is telling you the primary drain pan has already failed.   This is a disaster just waiting to happen. The only way to avoid the cleanup, the potential structural repairs, and the possibility of having to paint or replace carpet is to call an air conditioning contractor to maintain the integrity of your equipment.

An overflowing drain pan requires immediate attention from a licensed air conditioning contractor!



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